Trust Yourself- Labradorite Geometric Pendant Necklace in Gold or Silver (thirty inches)

As a part of the original 3 piece Permission to Change necklace this popular pendant necklace is now available for individual purchase. This wire wrapped geometric labradorite pendant necklace represents your core and is paired with the words: Trust yourself.

Instead of constantly soliciting advice from anyone and everyone all around us, what if we learned to trust ourselves instead?

Tune into what your gut is telling you because at your core, you know who you are and what you truly need. Follow that all knowing feeling deep within your cord and you will always be on the right path.

Wear this necklace as a reminder that the answers you seek are within you.

This necklace comes standard with a thirty inch silver or gold plated chain, where the pendant will rest mid torso on most women. Please contact us via email for an alternate length or chain selection. (Customizations will be priced upon chain selection and necklace length).

Learn more about how to create an interchangeable 3 layer necklace, including this necklace and 2 others of your choice, (example shown in the final photo of this listing), by visiting the "Build Your Own 3 Piece Set"  under the Shop by Collection header. 


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