The Champagne on a Wednesday boutique is full of handmade jewelry designed to be a sparkle in your everyday life.

Where Style Meets Story

Paired intentionally with inspiring messaging, each piece of jewelry is a wearable token to remind you daily to be the best version of yourself, and to celebrate the magic in your life. 

All Champagne on a Wednesday jewelry comes with a card featuring original artwork and the story that was created alongside each collection.

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“Champagne on a Wednesday has been the perfect compliment to every outfit. Whether it is earrings or a necklace to pull together an outfit to run errands, or drive my mom taxi, or a statement piece for work or an evening event, I can find exactly what I need within their collections."

-Becky P

"What I love about Champagne on a Wednesday is that I can take art with me throughout my day while adding something pretty and fun to what I am wearing at the same time. I appreciate the subtlety of the messages as gentle reminders to find the beauty in reflection, seeking truth, and enjoying life. I love the concept, the quality, and the product!”

— Amy W

Champagne on a Wednesday isn't just the name of our brand...

It’s the name of our movement, and the words themselves are purposeful contradictions.

Champagne is for special occasions, and most people would say that there is nothing special about a Wednesday. But we want to challenge you to see that something about every day IS special, you just have to step back and appreciate it.

Don't save your Champagne for a special occasion - enjoy it today!

Wear our jewelry as a daily reminder that you have something special within you and you deserve to live the life that you've always wanted.