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Available now- The Affirmations Collection

classic mixed metal jewelry

Our Affirmations Collection features mixed metals, warm earthy tones, and our signature mix of statement pieces and everyday staples. Each piece is paired with a powerful affirmation that will connect your jewelry to a message that leaves you feeling strong, inspired, and full of life.


Style, Story, and Sparkle

The Champagne on a Wednesday boutique is full of handmade jewelry and accessories designed to be a sparkle in your everyday life. They are wearable tokens to remind you daily to be the best version of yourself, and celebrate the magic in your life. 





Each piece is created in tandem with a specific message that serves to inspire, empower, and uplift your spirit whenever you wear it.

Your story is what makes you unique, and your style is the expression of that story. Find the pieces that speak to your story, and wear their messages out into the world. 


"What is it you plan to do with this one wild and precious life?"  -Mary Oliver


Champagne on a Wednesday isn’t just the name of our brand; it’s the name of our movement, and the words themselves are purposeful contradictions.


Champagne is for special occasions, and most people would say that there is nothing special about a Wednesday.  But we want to challenge you to see that something about every day IS special, you just have to step back and appreciate it.

Wire wrapped cuff bracelet and hand beaded swarovski crystal wrap bracelet


Don't save your Champagne for a special occasion - enjoy it today! Take that next step towards making your everyday life even more of what you’ve always wanted it to be.


This is your one life- how are your going to live it to the fullest?

Champagne on a Wednesday- handmade gemstone jewelry to inspire and empower

Shop the entire Champagne on a Wednesday store: 

Colorful summer jewelry

Everyday Joy

Featuring bright pops of color in whimsical designs, these designs with be the perfect accessories for your summer wardrobe. 


Inspiring silver gemstone jewelry

The Moonlight Collection

The power and mystery of moonlight are captured in the genuine gemstones of this collection. Listen to your inner voice and connect with your true strength. 

jewelry gifts

The Signature Collection:

Classic pieces that will serve as a capsule wardrobe for your jewelry, with inspiring messages to empower you to live the life you love, and love the life you live. 

Check out our Blog 

Behind the scenes peeks at how we create our collections- everything from our shopping trips to source materials, to more insight about how the pieces evolved, and what inspired the stories behind them. 

Champagne on a Wednesday- handmade gemstone jewelry and inspirational messaging

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