What's in a name?

So where did the name come from? 


We didn't choose this name, Champagne on a Wednesday, to imply that our life is all about poppin' bottles and day drinking, but we did choose it to remind ourselves (and you) that every day can be a celebration and a chance for something amazing to happen. 


The items that you wear, and the words that you look at every day, shape your mood and influence the way that you see the world. Putting on something pretty makes you FEEL pretty. You smile when you look in the mirror, and that smile starts to change you. Sometimes the things on the outside can start to change you from the inside. 


Every item that we own tells a story, whether we realize it or not, and a thought or memory will come to mind when you look at these items every day. Those are the earrings you bought on that amazing vacation, that's the dress you wore on your anniversary, these are the shoes you bought when your feet changed size after pregnancy, this is the ring that my grandmother gave me.    


These stories are what the Champagne on a Wednesday brand is all about. We want to make items that are beautiful, and tell a story that you want to remember. We want the story behind each item that we create to be something that inspires, motivates, and promotes a positive thought pattern. If every item that you own tells a story, it might as well be a good one.


Wear your favorite piece as a reminder to embrace the life that you live and appreciate the little things that make every day special.