Build a 3 piece layered necklace set

Most necklaces in our collection can be clipped into our 3 piece "Permission to Change," interchangeable necklace set. 

The Permission to Change necklace is an interchangeable layered necklace that you can wear exactly how you want to wear it, in dozens of different combinations, to suit your mood, outfit, and personal style. 


 Our Permission to Change necklace uses a multi-prong specialty clasp to layer up to 3 necklaces for an easy tangle free look. Mix and match your new necklaces with your favorite jewelry from home. 


Purchase any 3 necklaces today to wear as a set and receive this clasp for free and 10% off all necklaces in your order.

To purchase a layered necklace set:

-Select 3 or more necklaces of your choice and add to your cart individually. 10% discount will apply to these necklaces automatically! 

-Add the specialty clasp to your cart- selecting the option "purchasing with a necklace set."


For the classic Permission to Change look we recommend 1 choker or short necklace, 1 mid length, and 1 pendant. However, we offer a variety of necklace lengths within each category, as well as plain chain in a variety of lengths, so you are free to create the layered look of your choice! To view all compatible necklaces in our collection in one place, please visit the "Build your own 3 piece set" collection page.  Don't hesitate to email us at if you have questions or  need assistance in picking out a set. We would love to help!

If you don't need 3 necklaces today but still want the clasp to use with your existing necklace collection, it can be purchased separately.