Malala- Labradorite Shield Necklace, (Mid Length, 22 inches)

Featuring the shield shaped stone seen in our limited edition "Frida" Earring, this necklace is the perfect coordinating accessory, or a piece that easily stands alone. A single brilliant labradorite is wrapped with delicate silver wire to anchor the bottom of the necklace, while the chain features a single asymmetrical interruption from a smoky grey/blue labradorite rondelle bead. Every shade of gold, green, turquoise, and blue shine on the surfaces, with veins and inclusions of deep brown, blue, and black running throughout the center of the stones. Every labradorite exhibits a pattern of color that is unique and one of a kind.

Each piece in the Empowered Labradorite Collection is named after a powerful woman in history. This necklace bears the namesake of Malala Yousafzai, an activist from Pakistan who courageously took a stand for girls’ educational rights, putting her own life at risk in the process.

This necklace will be packaged with a 3.5 x 3.5 inch artwork card featuring the labradorite themed original artwork of this collection, showcasing the phrase, "Use Your Power to Empower."

This necklace comes standard on a 22 inch long sterling silver chain.  Please contact us via email for an alternate length or chain selection, (Customizations will be priced upon chain selection and necklace length). Or you may purchase a removable 2 inch chain extender for additional length flexibility on all of your necklaces. 

Our jewelry loves to be layered! Learn more about how to create an interchangeable 3 layer necklace, including this necklace and 2 others of your choice, by visiting the "Build Your Own 3 Piece Set"  section under the "Shop by Collection" header. 


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Each piece of Champagne on a Wednesday jewelry is accompanied by a 3.5 x 3.5 artwork card. The front of this card will feature original artwork specific to the theme of the collection. The back of each card will contain the full story of the collection or the individual piece. Save these cards and remember their words each time you wear your jewelry, for a dose of inspiration and motivation.