Embrace Life's Interruptions: Clear quartz wire wrapped gemstone necklace

Embrace Life's Interruptions: Clear quartz wire wrapped gemstone necklace


Life doesn’t always go as planned - unexpected interruptions can take us off course from following our dreams. But sometimes within a distraction is beauty, if we can allow ourselves the chance to experience it.

Be confident in the strength of your anchor and know that whatever comes your way is an important part of your journey.  You won't drift completely off course when your anchor is rooted deep. 

The chain of this necklace is interrupted with sparkle, and anchored with strength and clarity. Embrace the interruptions in your life for the joy that they can bring, and know that the anchor within you will keep you close to what’s most important.  

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This 33 inch necklaces features 3 wire wrapped clear raw quartz crystals. Each stone's shape, size, and coloring is unique- making your necklace truly one of a kind.

The gold-plated brass chain is interrupted by a segment of thunder polish glass crystal roundelle beads that sparkle with hues of rose gold and champagne.  This necklace is aprox 33 inches long. Please visit our FAQs to view the complete sizing chart. 

Each necklace comes with a gold foiled card, featuring the hand lettered phrase, "Embrace Life's Interruptions," for you to save and display as your reminder of the message that inspired the creation of this piece.