My Story: Swarovski crystal hand-beaded wrap bracelet (Last Chance, Discontinued Design)

It's your time, this is YOUR story

This bracelet is a wearable reminder of how unique and wonderful you are. Be reminded of your stories, to learn from the past and to be in control of your future.  This is your story, your one life. The way you treat yourself will set the standards for others.

Look at this bracelet and be reminded of the good times, represented by the clear beads, the hard times represented by the white beads, and the amazing moments of gold sprinkled throughout your life that make your story unique. Sometimes  your path and purpose are crystal clear, while other times the future is cloudy. Let this bracelet show you that it is all part of something beautiful. The muti-faceted center stone represents you, and should remind you that YOU are in charge of your story. 

Your story has no limits! What do you want your next page to say?

"It's your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you" -Rumi

Double Wrap bracelet, 22.25 inches. 

Where Style Meets Story

Each piece of Champagne on a Wednesday jewelry is accompanied by a 3.5 x 3.5 artwork card. The front of this card will feature original artwork specific to the theme of the collection. The back of each card will contain the full story of the collection or the individual piece. Save these cards and remember their words each time you wear your jewelry, for a dose of inspiration and motivation.