Luna- Sterling Silver and Gemstone Statement necklace (LAST CHANCE- discontinued design)

A unique sterling silver faceted cable chain and a dazzling assortment of cloudy quartz, mystic moonstone, black spinel, and hypersthene work together to create an asymmetrical necklace unlike anything you have ever seen before. Designed to rest comfortably at the base of your collarbone, this necklace will suit many necklines and draw the attention of those all around you.

The pieces in The Night Sky collection are paired with constellations, inspired by the shapes and patterns seen within the design of the jewelry itself. This necklace is paired with the representation of Luna.

Luna is the divine embodiment of the moon according to ancient Roman mythology. As the Goddess of The Moon, Luna is simultaneously light & dark, standing in her wholeness amidst this conflict. The moon can act as our reminder to peacefully exist at the center of opposing forces, feeling the pull while understanding the need for both.

See the shape of the moon whenever you wear this necklace and be reminded of the piece of Luna that lives within you.

Where Style Meets Story

Each piece of Champagne on a Wednesday jewelry is accompanied by a 3.5 x 3.5 artwork card. The front of this card will feature original artwork specific to the theme of the collection. The back of each card will contain the full story of the collection or the individual piece. Save these cards and remember their words each time you wear your jewelry, for a dose of inspiration and motivation.