Kassia- Golden Labradorite Pendulum Earrings

These stunning amber colored golden labradorite teardrops swing like tiny pendulums from a hammered gold post in these unique dangle earrings. The color of these stones captures the warmth of the sun and will brighten your day each time you wear them.

Each earring in this labradorite collection is named after a strong woman from history. This earring bears the namesake of Kassia of Constantinople, who is regarded as the first musical composer of the western world, and the earliest known composer whose hymns have lasted until present day. Her role as a composer refutes the notion that the foundation of early music was laid solely by men.

These earrings come packaged with a 3.5 x 3.5 inch artwork card featuring the labradorite themed original artwork of this collection, showcasing the phrase- Use Your Power to Empower.

Each earring is aprox 2.5 inches in length, on a decorative gold plated stud with stainless steel posts.

Where Style Meets Story

Each piece of Champagne on a Wednesday jewelry is accompanied by a 3.5 x 3.5 artwork card. The front of this card will feature original artwork specific to the theme of the collection. The back of each card will contain the full story of the collection or the individual piece. Save these cards and remember their words each time you wear your jewelry, for a dose of inspiration and motivation.