Hi! We're Jen and Alexis

We're the heads, hearts, and hands behind everything that you see here. We are not employees of a larger corporation that designs and manufactures the items in our boutique. It's just us, doing all of the dreaming and all of the doing. The jewelry is made by hand, using materials that we sourced ourselves.  Each piece of jewelry went from idea to execution all within a home studio. 

We are friends first and business partners second, and as you can see, we are sort of incapable of taking a picture without laughing.  That's Alexis on the left and Jen on the right, although Jen must have been wearing heels because Alexis is definitely taller. Thanks for taking the time to get to know more about us and our story. 

Champagne on a Wednesday-  Semi-precious stone jewelry
Handmade jewelry from Philadelphia PA

Our Story in Two Parts

According to Alexis 

Jen is my favorite extrovert, the 'yes,' to my 'probably not,' the one who is determined to find a way to make anything work, and someone I can always count on to be 100% up for an adventure. She dreams big and isn't afraid to ask for what she wants, something I deeply admire about her.

 She's also one of the most self-less people I know, always willing to help someone out at the drop of a hat and never ask for anything in return. Her laughter is infectious, and sitting next to her on a roller coaster is something that I wish everyone could experience just once. 

We met when our kids were in preschool together, the older 2 fighting over who would get the last red crayon in the box, and the younger two lost in imaginative play together.

We weren't immediately besties because I'm too shy for that - but it didn't take long for me to realize that if I was going to be friends with anyone, I wanted it to be her.  We took our kids to every playground, museum, park, and indoor or outdoor play-place imaginable together, our kids becoming like brothers and sisters, and the two of us becoming inseparable.  As our preschoolers turned into grade schoolers (sob!), we both reached a difficult cross roads in life where our identities as moms were changing, and we were asking ourselves, "What's next?"  

Champagne on a Wednesday was born out of a shared vision for what the next stage of life could look like. 

According to Jen

It all began 7 years ago on a preschool playground. I joke with her and tell Alexis that I know that she wanted nothing to do with me and all my craziness at first, (some say that I'm a lot to handle).  I don't remember exactly what changed, but something did, and we became inseparable. Every day was a new, crazy adventure with the kids. We were a perfect combo. Ideas followed by a ‘yes!’.

As the kids got older and HAD to go to school all day, our time together changed. At that time in our lives, with our little ones off to school full time, we both reached a point of wondering what was next, and we both wanted more.

I like to refer to Alexis as "the push.” She is the push that got the ball rolling on this crazy adventure of our small business. She is a super smarty, kind, an extremely talented creative soul, and is above all, genuine.

I have always dreamed of having a jewelry line since I was little, but never put much weight into it since I am more of a black and white numbers gal. Alexis, on the other hand, is very creative and artistic…everything I always wanted to be. 

I learn so much from her everyday.  She balances me out and for that Kevin (my hubby) is forever grateful. 





So where did the name come from? 


We didn't choose this name, Champagne on a Wednesday, to imply that our life is all about poppin' bottles and day drinking, but we did choose it to remind ourselves (and you) that every day can be a celebration and a chance for something amazing to happen. 


The items that you wear, and the words that you look at every day, shape your mood and influence the way that you see the world. Putting on something pretty makes you FEEL pretty. You smile when you look in the mirror, and that smile starts to change you. Sometimes the things on the outside can start to change you from the inside. 


Every item that we own tells a story, whether we realize it or not, and a thought or memory will come to mind when you look at these items every day. Those are the earrings you bought on that amazing vacation, that's the dress you wore on your anniversary, these are the shoes you bought when your feet changed size after pregnancy, this is the ring that my grandmother gave me.    


These stories are what the Champagne on a Wednesday brand is all about. We want to make items that are beautiful, and tell a story that you want to remember. We want the story behind each item that we create to be something that inspires, motivates, and promotes a positive thought pattern. If every item that you own tells a story, it might as well be a good one.


Wear your favorite piece as a reminder to embrace the life that you live and appreciate the little things that make every day special. 

Champagne on a Wednesday, Local Handmade jewelry, Philadelphia PA
Champagne on a Wednesday, Semi-precious gemstone jewelry