Behind the scenes of our product shoot!

The day we had set aside to take all of our jewelry photos for this collection was also the day that it decided to snow 5 inches on a random day in November. To be honest when I heard that it might snow, I had these visions of the perfect snowy day jewelry photos…so I was a little excited about it.


Our kids ended up having an early dismissal from school, and by noon the roads were a MESS, but we squeezed in our photo shoot right as the first flakes started falling, and managed to get home before the kids got off the bus.

We were frozen solid by the time all of the photos were taken, and at times it was snowing so hard all we could do was look up and laugh, but the photos we ended up with are so magical!

Love it or hate it, there's something about snow that brings out the kid in us all. 

Alexis Drolet