Get in the picture: Self confidence comes with practice

I scrunch my nose up when I smile.


I have a vein that runs right down the middle of my forehead that pops out like crazy when I laugh.

My teeth and smile are a little crooked, and my right eye is a little squinty.

I've got some grey hairs, and who even knows what color it would be if I let it grow in fully.

I don't always love the way I look in photos...but I post them anyway.

I want to remember the fun times with friends and the family traditions. I want to have a record of how I looked- for myself to look back upon fondly and remember that moment in time, and for my kids to look back at one day and say, "wow my mom was really pretty."

I never really expected to have my face in so many photos of our jewelry online- on our website, our social media, and floating around on google and pinterest for the world to see. In fact when I started posing for the jewelry photos, I purposely cropped my face out of most of them.

But over the past year, I have started to see that showing my face isn't quite so scary. I've come to embrace it, and I have learned a new level of love and appreciation for the unique beauty that I possess. I think that I owe at least a little bit of that to the fact that I forced myself to be in so many pictures.

There is nothing wrong with being camera shy, but I hope that when you look in the mirror you know just how beautiful you are. And even if it doesn't end up on Pinterest, I hope that you have photographic evidence of it somewhere. 😊

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Alexis Drolet