Coming soon- Mixed Metals and Warm Earthy Stones

When we shop for materials for each collection, sometimes we have a very specific set of ideas in mind...sometimes we have no idea what we are looking for.
The collection that will be launching next week was very much one that came together without us really knowing what we were looking for.
After several months of picking up random things here and there, we finally started to see a trend of warm, rich, earthy, mixed metals...something that we had never done before!


In addition to brass, copper, hematite, and pyrite, there are 6 versions of Smoky Quartz making an appearance in this collection. Yes, 6 different cuts!! It was definitely the defining stone of this collection. But hopefully these pictures helps you to see why we couldn't stop ourselves....they all catch the light differently and there are so many different shapes, colors, and textures available with this single stone. 

Don't worry, there is also a lot of sparkle and light to the collection as well. I may say this every time, but this is truly my favorite collection that we have ever put together. Can't wait to show you what it all looks like! 

This collection launches early December 2018, check it out here

Alexis Drolet