Finding your Courage, Truth, and Strength with the healing properties of Amazonite

amazonite gemstone necklace

When we shop for gemstones to create our next jewelry collection, materials, we are often inexplicably drawn to certain colors, and this vibrant emerald green was no exception. It immediately reminded us of lush rainforests, and tropical waters, making it the perfect choice for a piece of summer jewelry.

The beautiful stone you see here is called Amazonite. It is referred to as the stone of courage, truth, and self discovery.  This marbled green gemstone is thought to help its wearer connect with her truest purpose and most sacred beliefs, allowing her to release her worry about judgement from others, and live confidently in alignment with her values. Wearing Amazonite is believed to empower and encourage self reflection, while giving you the confidence to stand boldly in your truth.

The design and message of the necklace to the left harnesses this energy, and invites you to pause while connecting to the present moment and the wisdom that it has to offer. 

peaceful river

Amazonite is said to have been found in the ancient jewelry and armor of the infamous woman warrior tribe, the Amazonians (Wonder Woman anyone???). They adorned their bodies and their shields with this powerful gemstone in order to protect as well as heal.

I love to think about the strength and bravery of these warrior women and imagine that I carry a piece of that with me whenever I where these stones. 

Reflecting the colors of the lush tropical jungles of Brazil, where the first Amazonites were thought to have been found, these beautiful turquoise stones can now be found across many continents.  

Photo by Artem Bali from Pexels

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