Are You Celebrating You?

When was the last time that you celebrated you?

Celebrate yourself!

Have you looked in the mirror and said- damn girl you look good?

As you're getting ready to go out, do you notice your gifts?

While you put on makeup, are you realizing how sparkly your eyes are, how beautiful those cheekbones look, how much that lipstick brings out your smile?

Do you see the tiny wrinkles around your eyes as evidence of the laughter and smiles that have filled your years?

Put on your favorite dress because you know you look hot in it, and put on the sexy underwear underneath- even if nobody will see it.

Wear those heels because now your calves are even more smoking- who cares if you're taller than everyone in the room.

Walk out into the world with your head high and your smile bright, because you are a queen.

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Alexis Drolet