Balance, Imperfection, and Comparison


Do any of the words in that title trigger something within you? I know for me they bring up all kinds of feelings about all kinds of things. 

As women, we often try to do it all, expecting ourselves to do it all perfectly, all the while comparing our struggle to someone else's highlight reel.

Does any of this sound familiar? 

As we were designing the pieces in the Everyday Joy Collection, and starting to research the symbolism of the shapes within the designs, the pentagon presented an interesting challenge. 

Perfection, harmony, balance, stability...these words kept showing up over and over again for what the pentagon represents. 5 equal angles, 5 equal sides, its strength is in the rigid perfection and equal balance within the shape, or so they say.

I started to think about how as a woman, and as a mom, I often feel like a broken pentagon. I'm constantly being pulled in so many directions, always needing to shift my focus from one thing to the next, giving weight to one side while falling short somewhere else. I'm always afraid about dropping the ball, letting someone down, and having the illusion of control shatter all around me. 

meaningful gift for her


I simply can't always give equal weight and attention to every area of my life. If I'm rocking as a mom, my business might be on the back burner, or when I'm feeling like an awesome wife, I might be acting like a crappy friend. 

Imperfectly perfect

So as I thought about the symbolism of the pentagon, and all that it represents, I looked closely at the stone at the center of this piece. Yes, the pentagon is represented on every face, but none of these pentagons are perfect. The "ideal" pentagon with 5 equal angles and 5 equal sides is not the only way that a pentagon can exist. There are infinite iterations of this shape that can exist. 





The way that the pentagon exists in this bracelet is the way that balance and imperfection exists in all of us- in a way that is truly individual and unique. There is no need to compare the way that you give focus or weight to the multitude of demands in your life. There is no need to worry about whether or not your version of balance looks like any one else's.

A pentagon CAN have 5 equal angles and 5 equal sides, but it doesn't have to. 

So come as you are, and celebrate that way that you life looks today. It doesn't have to be perfect, or be balanced, it just needs to be full of the things that make you who you are. 

Shop the Pentagon Bracelet here and take this reminder of perfect imperfection with you every time you wear it. 



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