Making Magic- How We Work Together to Design Our Gemstone Jewelry

One thing that people ask us all of the time is, "How exactly do you work together within the business?"

And the answer is that we have sort of naturally settled into roles that feel good, and we do a little bit of "divide and conquer" for most things.

But we are both super involved in all of it. ESPECIALLY when we are designing and conceptualizing the new pieces of jewelry. Pretty much every piece that we have put out starts as a rough idea that one of us has, and then we tweak it over and over again until it's something we are both happy with.

handmade jewelry workspace

Sometimes we squabble a little bit (what can I say, we are passionate about the gem placement!), but usually either we both eventually agree on what looks best, or one of us decides that the other one can have her way... this time 😜

Day to day, Alexis is a little more involved in the blogging, website, and social media side of things. While Jen is the true wiz at all of the intricate details of the jewelry- like the wire wrapping that defines many of our best selling pieces.

And Sawyer, (the dog seen here at our feet), well he’s just there to keep us company.

Alexis Drolet