Clarity of Mind and Heart with Herkimer Diamond Quartz

Herkimer Diamond Quartz necklace

These 6 sided clear quartz crystals are Herkimer “Diamonds.” They are not actually diamonds at all, but are so named due to their clear color, and brilliant light reflecting properties. There are 18 crystal faces on each stone, giving them a sparkling facetted appearance that is rarely found in nature.

The shape of this crystal is what is called “double terminated,” which means that there is a point at each end of the stone. This shape is particularly powerful in the crystal world because it allows energy to move through the stone in two directions.

In energy healing, such as Reiki, Herkimer Diamonds are often used to amplify the energies of other smaller stones, as well as to clear and cleanse energy blocks. These stones are thought to be useful in clearing the chakras and allowing energy to flow throughout the body naturally.

necklace for clarity

As with all of the information out there on the meanings and properties of various crystals, there are a wide variety of suggested uses for theses stones. But one theme that appears frequently is the theme of clarity.

When the mind and heart are clear, we can tap into our true purpose and innermost feelings and desires. The Herkimer diamond is often used to encourage introspection and self actualization. Instead of looking outward for solutions, this crystal amplifies the energies within you and helps you to feel the internal strength that we all possess.

This was the perfect stone to use for a piece that we call “Whisper” because its quiet and delicate appearance reflects what we immediately associate with that word….but the strength and power that this unassuming stone holds is mirrored so beautifully in the power and truth that our quietest voice can have.

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Alexis Drolet