The more you celebrate, the more there is to celebrate

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I've had some interesting conversations with friends lately about the Law of Attraction. I'm going to come right out and say that I don't necessarily buy into all of it. If you aren't familiar with the Law of Attraction, it's sort of about the idea that we can bring more of certain things into our life by focusing on those thing. There is also a big piece about energetic vibrations and the idea is that similar vibrations attract one another- which is extrapolated to the idea that high vibrational states of energy can attract positive things into our life.   

I never watched, or read, The Secret, which draws largely on Law of Attraction, but my understanding is that it was a lot about manifestation- aka thinking things into reality in your life. I don't really believe that if I believe a million dollars will come into my life, that a million dollars will actually come into my life. Nor do I really believe JUST thinking about anything will make it happen. 

But there is a grey area that I do sort of believe in. And that is around the idea of mindset.

Oprah quote about celebration

I think most of us have probably experienced the idea of momentum, and have seen that one singular event can sometimes turn everything around. A string of bad things happen, and then one good thing comes along and it turns the tides of luck. It happens all of the time in sports- in fact most people will agree that "momentum" in sports is a very real thing. 

But it's all sort of the same thing: the idea that good begets good, (or bad begets bad). And mindset is where I really get on board with this whole thing because I think that as humans we are trained to look for patterns and confirmations of our own biases. So if you are in a negative mindset, you unconsciously seek out things that confirm those negative feelings. And if you are in a positive mindset....well...the world is suddenly a rosier place. When life is good, we perform well, and the cycle continues. 

This quote by Oprah really struck me because whether or not it has anything to do with energetic vibrations or the Law of Attraction, I do wholeheartedly agree that the more that we start celebrating our life, the more that we see that our life is worth celebrating.  Sometimes it just takes a small pause to realize that we have a lot to be thankful for, and then our eyes become open to everything else that is going our way. 

The name of our jewelry brand, Champagne on a Wednesday, is based largely on this idea. We wanted to create jewelry that makes people look and feel good, and can help serve as a reminder to them to celebrate just a little more in their everyday life. We hope that each little celebration will lead to the recognition about just how much there is to celebrate in life.

Because when you're feeling good, the world is suddenly a rosier place. 

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