The Legend of the Labradorite

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Do you know the legend of the Labradorite gemstones? (These stones are featured in the Reflect earrings and well as the Permission to Change necklace). The legend says that the lights of the Aurora Borealis were trapped inside rocks along the coast of Labrador in Canada, until one day an Inuit Warrior came and struck the rock with his spear to free them. This released the majestic colors into the sky- but some of the energy remained in the rocks. 

The labradorite is said to contain a "frozen fire" from the Northern Lights, giving it the characteristic blue and green glow from within. It is this trapped energy that we now see as the brilliant rainbow of colors inside the gems.

story of northern lights

While many gemstones are used to help ground and connect us with the earth, the uses of this gemstone are often just the opposite. Labradorite is often referred to as the Stone of Magic, and it encourages exploration of spirituality, clairvoyance, and other forces outside of the physical world. The ancient connection between the earth and the sky, is thought to live on today hidden deep within these gemstones, and can be used to help foster a deeper understanding of the mystical and magical aspects of life. 

The beauty of the Labradorite is undeniable, as it catches the light and reflects a variety of colors. Each stone contains an entire night sky all on its own, creating jewelry that is unique and full of depth.