Gift Giving Hack: Use a tote bag instead of a gift bag

gift wrap hack.png

A trend that I have noticed lately in gift giving is that people aren't really wrapping gifts the same way anymore. Nobody really uses gift wrap, because a gift bag is just so much easier for gifts of all sizes.

But I've also noticed that gift bags are being replaced by re-useable tote bags more and more. It's environmentally friendly, and there are so many fun tote bags these days that it's easy to find the perfect one with a fun saying to compliment your gift.

"Wednesday is the new Friday," is the perfect tote to accompany some fresh flowers, an edible goodie and a bottle of wine (or bubbly!), especially for a mid- week birthday or a gift to someone just to show you are thinking about them. Save the gift wrap and throw your gift in something that they will use again and again- smiling and thinking of you every time.

Check out the tote bag, and the rest of the Signature Collection here

Alexis Drolet