Display your jewelry with style

Champagne on a Wednesday card display

What's up with the corks in my packaging? 

Well thanks for asking! 

Not sure what we're talking about? Well that means you haven't ordered yet, and that makes me sad 😟
Because if you HAD ordered you would know that not only does your jewelry arrive in a cute little package, it comes with a few champagne corks tucked in there as well.


Inspirational gemstone jewelry

The corks are holders for your brand cards! We order the corks in bulk (we love champagne, but we can't drink THAT much of it), then we use a handy little hand saw to slice a little slit right down the middle of the cork that is perfect to slide the cards into.

Each piece of jewelry comes with a unique piece of art that represents the message of that piece of jewelry,...and we want you to keep those cards! So, clear off a little corner of your desk or dresser, and use the corks to display the cards so you'll always remember why that particular piece of jewelry spoke to you.




Alexis Drolet