Behind the scenes of creating a jewelry line: The Everyday Joy Collection

Inspiration for summer jewelry

By now you all have hopefully seen the summer jewelry line, so we wanted to show you a few more behind the scenes peeks from the creation process. We developed a color story pretty early on, and had so much fun thinking about all of the ways that we could bring color into the collection.

Our last collection was almost all black, white, and grey, so we wanted to do something completely different. 

Since it was going to be a summer collection, we felt that hot pink, bright yellow, and beautiful green/turquoise would convey the fun playful feel that we were hoping for (and go great with some of the colors that people tend to wear in the summer) .

Everyday Joy Art creation
everyday joy artwork

The cards that come with each piece of jewelry are intended to showcase the message of the piece and capture the aesthetic feel of the collection as a whole. Usually our cards showcase words, but this time we decided to really lean into the color of the artwork and let the shapes do the talking. Each shape is symbolic of the message within the piece, and we used the naturally occurring shapes within the jewelry designs to take center stage in the messaging of the pieces. The shape silhouettes  that appear on the cards were all originally painted using black paint, and then with the help of some photoshop magic, we combined the shapes with images of handpainted artwork that I had created specifically for this collection. 

Summer jewelry collection inspiration
summer collection colors
silver chain for handmade jewelry

We bought lots of fun new beads to represent different colors, but also dug through our inventory and unearthed some treasures that we had bought AGES ago (like those cute little turquoise beads on the left and the lemon yellow beads in the center photos. We played with tons of different chain in gold and silver to try to make a little bit of something for everyone. 

The end result is a cheerful and whimsical jewelry line full of symbolism and encouragment to find the joy in your every day life. 

everyday joy summer jewelry collection

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