Living our dream while giving back- handmade jewelry with a purpose

We recently had a chance to tell our brand story on the website of the charity that we partner with through the sales of our Connected bracelet. It was a great honor to get to speak to their audience and tell more about why we felt that giving back was an important part of our business. 


jewelry with a message

From the article:  

"As we talked about what our business could look like, we knew that we wanted to do something that not only fulfilled us but helped others to feel fulfilled as well.  We knew there were other women out there, at all stages of their lives, asking themselves that same question of, “What’s next?” We wanted to create something that would speak to these women on a personal level.

We want to encourage women to listen to their inner voice, tap into their inner strength, and share their light and passion with others. It is these messages, embedded within the designs of our jewelry, that we know hold the power to connect with women everywhere.

That desire for connection is what led us to look for a way to do more to really help women find their strength and achieve their purpose. Our jewelry brand was the product of us chasing our dreams, and we always knew that we wanted to help other women chase their dreams too. When we found the website, it was a literal goosebump moment. Their mission is perfectly aligned with the vision that we have for helping women take that next step towards a better life. "

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Alexis Drolet