Behind the Scenes: Creation of the Moonlight Collection

behind the scenes of collection creation

One thing that we think sets this jewelry brand apart from lots of other brands out there is that we create more than just jewelry. Each collection is created with a mood, and each piece is created with a message. We combine multi-media artwork and writing to fully communicate the story that each piece has to tell. 

It starts with lots of experimenting until we find the right colors and textures. For this collection it was all done with watercolor in shades of blue, green, grey, and black. 

Then as we start to collect words that resonate with the collection, Alexis sketches them out and turns the words into hand lettered art forms.  The watercolor and ink drawings are then combined digitally to create a single image that will be printed on card stock to include in the packaging of every piece. 

collection sketches

Each card that is actually a true work of art. These aren't stock photos or fonts, these are high quality reproductions of the pieces of original artwork that were created alongside the jewelry.  

Seeing the artwork combined with the jewelry is the most magical part. It's almost like the words become a part of the piece, and the message starts to live within the gemstones and wire work. 

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