A thoughtful end of the year teacher's gift

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The jewelry that we make at Champagne on a Wednesday has always been inspired by words and feelings. The word "Ripple" was one that we were super excited to design a piece of jewelry around. We thought about how a ripple is formed, with one small drop, and then it grows and grows, fanning out infinitely. We tried to mirror that idea in the design of this necklace, with small stones leading to larger stones, and finally fanning out at the bottom with a fringe of silver. 

Think about the people in your life that have done something small, but it has had a huge impact. So many teachers immediately pop into my mind. 

As the end of the school year approaches and we start to think about gifts for our kids teachers, the message of this piece resonates so strongly. The ripple effect of a good teacher is almost immeasurable.

"Your ripples will be felt far & wide, changing the surface of the water forever. Even the smallest drop creates a ripple, and all of us together can form a tidal wave of change."

'I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.' 

-Mother Teresa.

Is there a better sentiment out there to express how valuable teachers are? If you're still looking for a gift for your child's teacher, I think you can't go wrong with this. 


teacher gift

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Alexis Drolet