Digging for Treasure- The hunt for unique pieces for handmade jewelry

One of the most fun things about designing this collection was sourcing all of the raw materials, and we have found a few places that we love to shop for materials in NYC. 


We are lucky to be a quick train ride outside of NYC, so when we are in need of supplies and inspiration, we can make a day trip.  It's always fun on the train, except for that one time we ended up getting scolded for being too chatty on the quiet car.


So we played with snapchat filters to pass the time instead. 


Jen somehow heard about this place called CJS that was supposed to be an absolute hidden gem for jewelry and clothing designers, which, spoiler alert, it totally is. We were told to come prepared to dig and see what sort of treasures we could uncover. But nothing, and I mean nothing, could have prepared us for this place! 

Inside CJS in NYC
vintage jewelry parts
vintage jewelry parts

It was room after room and box after box of everything from beads to belt buckles...and an entire room full of chain. Some of the rooms were so full of boxes that we could hardly navigate through them. But we embraced the spirit of the treasure hunt, gave ourselves an entire day to uncover the magic that was hidden within those stacks of boxes, and we came home with lots and lots of goodies that are sprinkled into our signature collection as well as collections we are already designing for future release.  CJS has since moved to a new building, and we can't wait to go back and check out the new space. 



This particular trip we were digging through boxes for so long that we totally lost track of time and emerged onto the street to see that it was getting dark! Except it wasn't actually dusk, it was just the beginning of a huge storm....which we ended up waiting out on a street corner under an awning with a dozen other people. 

If nothing else, NYC is always an adventure!