When the jewelry creates the story- Inspiration behind handcrafted jewelry

One of the most common things that people ask us is whether the jewelry inspired the stories, or if the stories inspired the jewelry, and the answer is, "Both!"  Each piece came to life in its own way and sometimes it is hard to tell if the chicken or the egg came first. 

crystal pendant necklace

One piece in particular that I remember exactly how the story was born is the piece we call, "Embrace Life's Interruptions."  When we FIRST start to talk about building this business, before I even knew how to make jewelry, I had a sketch of what I wanted one of the pieces to look like.  I wanted an asymmetrical designed pendant necklace. I envisioned a little section of sparkly bead interrupting the chain of the necklace about half-way between the back of the necklace and the pendant- but only on one side.

Sounds easy enough, but as we started putting the necklace together we found that a crucial part to the design of the necklace was going to be the heavy stone that we put at the bottom.  Whatever was at the base of the necklace needed to be fixed in place (not floating), and heavier than the little section of sparkle, otherwise the necklace was going to be forever rotating on your neck, the sparkle drifting to the bottom.  

Long crystal jewelry


That necessary design specific soon became a metaphor. 

If we think about the chain as our journey, and the sparkly beads as the unexpected things that pop into our life (good AND bad), how do we keep ourselves on track and stop the distraction from becoming the new focus?  The same way that we stopped the beads from rotating to the bottom of the necklace- with something solid and prominent. 

The interruptions in our life won't take over when we have goals, dreams, and values that anchor us and bring us right back on track. 


Alexis Drolet