Compasses and Anchors- Empowering messages for inspirational jewelry

If you read all of the stories behind the pieces of the signature collection there is more than one reference to a nautical theme, and although it is somewhat of a coincidence- it is amazing how much inspiration can be drawn from things like anchors and compasses. 

Handmade Jewelry inspiration
Follow your heart

Over the past few years as I have explored different jobs and creative outlets I always tell people that I am not actually following my dreams, because I never dreamed that I would be an artist. But I *am* following my heart, and that continues to be my guiding principle every day.  I hope that I will always continue to find my way by exploring the paths of the things that feel right and true, even when that involves lots of twists and turns to my story. 

When I think about the anchors in my life, the things that ground me and are unwavering, I know that they are the reasons that I am able to follow my heart and feel confident and comfortable exploring new paths.  Family and self expression are two of the things that I hold most dear. Knowing that my actions serve those two things, keeps me on track, even when the seas of life are turbulent. 


Artist inspiration for motivational jewelry

So whatever "following your heart," looks like for you, I encourage you to take the risk and see what happens.  Know that your internal compass will guide you and your anchoring values will keep you safe.