Whisper- Delicate Herkimer Quartz Necklace

Whisper- Delicate Herkimer Quartz Necklace


"It's impossible," said pride,

It's risk, said experience. 

It's pointless, said reason. 

Give it a try, whispered the heart. 


Sometimes the quietest, most fleeting thought is the one that we need to capture. Don't ignore the teeny tiny voice in your heart. 

Quiet your mind, still your body and listen. 

What is the whisper saying? 

Now go for it. 


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Known for their energetic properties, these strong bright Herkimer diamond quartz stones are thought to heighten one’s intuition and clarity during meditation- making this piece the perfect embodiment the introspective message of "Whisper." 

This classic delicate piece comes in a silver and a gold option. 

This silver option displays a single polished raw Herkimer diamond quartz, fixed at the center of  a 17 inch delicate silver plated chain. Shorten the length of your necklace by fastening the necklace into any part of the open design of the chain. 

The gold option for this necklace features 3 smaller Herkimer diamond quartz stones, and is designed to give the option to clip this piece into “Permission to Change,” or wear alone with the lobster claws clasped together behind your neck. This necklace is 16 inches long when worn alone. Please see the FAQs for more information on how these necklaces will fit.