Shadow- Suede & Moonstone Wrap Necklace

Shadow- Suede & Moonstone Wrap Necklace


It's easy to get caught up in the hustle & bustle of the day, then rest our heads, and start all over again. Sometimes we forget who we are, what impact we are here to make. 

We are more than just moms, wives, sisters, daughters, employees, or students. 

When we feel lost, or invisible, let us always remember our shadow- the literal silhouette of external body- proof that we exist. It can survive with even the smallest amount of light. 

So when you feel like shrinking or hiding in your shadow, be instead empowered by it, and know that all you need to do is turn around. The light will be there to shine down on you to show you that mark on the world that only you can make. 

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The peaceful healing powers of the moon are captured in the milky glow of these faceted rainbow moonstones. Polished to reflect the full spectrum of light, these stones are full of mystery and magic.   

The way that light catches on the delicate silver tassels, shines through the stack of moonstones, and finally meets the dark edge of the leather, captures the message of "shadow," with light and dark working together to create a powerful statement. 

This leather and moonstone wrap necklace is a versatile piece that can be worn many ways at many lengths. Wear this necklace in a variety of different ways as you celebrate the many important roles that you play as a modern woman.