Ripple- Tibetan Quartz Long Necklace

Ripple- Tibetan Quartz Long Necklace


We are all connected & defined by the ripple effect: a simple choice can create wide circles of change. Even our smallest thoughts & actions have far reaching effects.

Standing at the center of our own ripple, we hold an infinite amount of power.  

Laughter is contagious, as are all of our feelings & actions. Your ripples will be felt far & wide, changing the surface of the water forever. Even the smallest drop creates a ripple, and all of us together can form a tidal wave of change.  

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.” -Mother Teresa.

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The anchoring stone of this statement necklace is a single Tibetan quartz. Originally mined by hand by monks high atop the Himalayan mountains, these powerful stones range in color from clear to black and are thought to carry with them a connection to the ancient knowledge and healing traditions of the east.

The image of the ripple is mirrored in the design of this necklace, starting with small rutilated quartz crystals, building in size towards the Tibetan quartz as the necklace ends, and finally fanning out with a wave of silver spears at the bottom.

This necklace is 31.5 inches long, and features 4 unique gemstones. The design of each individual necklace is truly one of a kind- with each stone differing slightly in shape, size, and coloring from mineral deposits. Please select "light" or "dark" for the predominant color of your large anchoring Tibetan quartz. Please see the FAQs for more information on how this necklace will fit.