Reflect- Labradorite Drop Earrings

Reflect- Labradorite Drop Earrings

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1) To bend or throw back, to send something away without absorbing it.

2) To look inward in thoughtful meditation, to internalize for deep consideration.

What a beautiful paradox.

Be the purest example of what it can mean to reflect. Look inward to find peace, and share it with the world in the form of brightly lit joy. Let the kindness of other fill you up & inspire you to send that energy back out into the universe. 

When the light catches on these iridescent stones, capture a piece of the magic for yourself, and then feel the rays of hope spreading outward all around you. 

Stone and metal color:
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The labradorite is the stone of intuition, and holds a special connection to the nighttime sky. It was once believed that the rainbow of colors deep within each labradorite stone are physical manifestations of the Northern Lights. Named after Aurora, the goddess of the dawn, the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, are named as literal reflections of the light of dawn.

These stunning marquis earrings come in two distinct designs. Please be sure to select Silver or Gold at checkout. 

The silver earrings feature a faceted irregular almond shaped labradorite inside a hammered silver pointed oval. Each stone reflects brilliant hues of green, gold, blue and grey in a truly unique iridescent rainbow when the light hits them just right.  Each earring measured 2.25 inches from top to bottom and will dangle to roughly the jaw line. 

The gold earrings display genuine labradorite nugget slices with a distinctive raw edge. These gemstones float within a textured gold oval, giving the earring interest and movement. Each earring measures ~ 2.5 inches from top to bottom and will dangle to approximately chin length. 

Both earrings are constructed from nickel free metal. The gemstones used in these earrings are one of a kind, so each pair will vary slightly in shape and size. Please see the FAQs for more information on the size of these earrings.