Illuminate- Beaded Adjustable Bracelet

Illuminate- Beaded Adjustable Bracelet


Far from city lights, the darkness of night spans infinitely.

Fear tells us to light a lamp in order to see our path, albeit one slow step at a time. But the wise ones will let their eyes adjust to the darkness, and see far beyond the reach of a lantern.

Slowly, the landscape reveals itself in shades of dusty blue and deep green. The night sky explodes with pinholes of light. The vast wilderness is illuminated by the cool white glow of the moon above...

And so it is true in life. The quick fix is short sighted. Slow down, look around, let your eyes adjust. The full picture will be illuminated. 

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The message of "Illuminate" is mirrored in the design of this bracelet, with delicate strands of Czech glass seed beads layered thoughtfully in hues of smokey black, iridescent blue-greens, and milky white. This adjustable wrap bracelet plays on light, dark, and the colors of the night sky.

This bracelet is one size fits all, with an adjustable silk cord closure.