Grey Faceted Gemstone on Silver Ear Wires

Grey Faceted Gemstone on Silver Ear Wires


A stunning faceted hydro grey rectangular "monalisa" gemstone dangles at the end of this sterling silver ear wire. 

This earring is eye catching and unique, yet classic enough to compliment any style. Dress it up or dress it down as your go-to accessory this year. 

You'll find yourself reaching for this pair of earrings again and again, and fielding compliments everywhere you go, but their true beauty and charm come from the layers of meaning embedded within their design. 

These earrings were inspired by the word "Listen," and are meant to remind you that even in a noisy world, you have a quiet voice full of wisdom within you. Whenever the chatter all around you seems to be too much, let these earrings be your touch point to tune back into what you know to be true. 

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Each earring measures 1.5 inches top to bottom, making it the perfect earring for every day, or a special occasion.

These ear wires are sterling silver with a semi-precious gemstone dangle. 
To keep your jewelry looking its best, please remove your jewelry before bathing, swimming, or applying perfume or hairspray. 

As with all sterling silver jewelry, the silver may tarnish with prolonged exposure to air. Store jewelry in an airtight container between uses, and if needed you may polish it with a sterling silver polishing cloth to return the ear wires to their original shine. 

The quantity shown in the listing is the quantity available for immediate shipping. If you desire additional quantities, please contact us and we would love to work with you to fulfill a larger order if materials are available.