Jewelry Composition and Care

All of the chain in the Signature Collection is 14K gold electro-plated on top of a nickel-free solid brass base which will not rust. 

Some slight change in color to be expected with regular wear, due to the natural oils and moisture present on your skin and in your environment. To keep your jewelry looking its best, please remove your jewelry before bathing, swimming, or applying perfume or hairspray. 

Never use an abrasive cleaner, or abrasive cleaning cloth (this includes a polishing cloth intended for silver jewelry!) to clean your plated jewelry.   

Strong, Beautiful, Unique is a brass cuff which can be polished regularly using a jewelry polishing cloth to enhance its shine.

The Wednesday is the new Friday tote bag features gold foil embellishments which cannot be machine washed. Please carefully spot clean your tote bag with a damp cloth, and embrace the dirt as a sign that the bag is well loved. 

moonlight collection

The Moonlight collection features gold and silver plated chains, which should be cared for as indicated above for plated jewelry.

The Reflect earrings are gold and silver plated with a nickel free base.

The suede on the Shadow necklace, as well as the silk ties of Illuminate, and the leather in Truth,  should be kept dry to preserve the integrity of their color and texture. 



everyday joy collection

The Everyday Joy collection features a mix of gold and silver plated pieces. Please care for the plated jewelry as indicated above. 

The joy anklet and beaded hoop earrings are sterling silver, and may slightly tarnish in the way that is typical of this type of jewelry simply from exposure to air. However, these pieces can be easily shined and polished back to their bright silver color using a silver polishing cloth.