Long Pendant: Amazonite Vertical Line from The Everyday Joy Collection

Long Pendant: Amazonite Vertical Line from The Everyday Joy Collection


Added as a part of the Everyday Joy collection, this colorful necklace simultaneously grounds you and reminds you take the time to connect with what is happening all around you.

In contrast to the horizon, which stretches out before us endlessly, vertical lines have the power to capture our attention. We marvel at the heights of trees and buildings, while barely noticing (or being able to truly comprehend) the horizontal distance across the ocean towards the setting sun. Horizontal lines indicate movement, while vertical lines are full of potential energy and stability.

The triangle here, with its broad base and narrow tip, also represents stability. By design, it simultaneously grounds you and draws the eye upward, instead of pointing you forward into the future.  Let the shapes in this necklace be your reminder to pause, to stand tall, and to feel your connection to this moment.

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The chain of this necklace is 23.5 inches long, and it will rest at the breast bone on most women. It can be worn alone, or clipped into the Permission to Change Compass necklace to create a layered look.  

This listing is for the long necklace featuring a strand of turquoise Amazonite gemstones and a triangle dangling charm ONLY. To purchase the entire set of three necklaces as pictured, please visit this listing.