Choker length: Clear Quartz "Whisper" from The Moonlight Collection

Choker length: Clear Quartz "Whisper" from The Moonlight Collection


Originally created as a part of the Moonlight Collection, this necklace is your reminder to listen to that quiet and all knowing voice in your head.

"It's impossible," said pride,

“It's a risk,” said experience.

“It's pointless,” said reason. 

“Give it a try,” whispered the heart. 


Sometimes the quietest, most fleeting thought is the one that we need to capture. Don't ignore the teeny tiny voice in your heart. 

Quiet your mind, still your body and listen. 

What is the whisper saying? 

Now go for it. 

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This necklace is the interchangeable variation of the "Whisper" necklace from the Moonlight Collection. 

The chain of this necklace is 15.75 inches long and the stones will fall right at the collar bone on most women. It can be worn alone, or clipped into the Permission to Change Compass necklace to create a layered look.  

This listing is for the short gold or silver plated necklace, or with a trio of clear Herkimer quartz diamonds ONLY. To order the whole trio as pictured- visit this listing.   Please note that the size and shape of these Herkimer quartz diamonds will vary necklace to necklace and some necklaces may contain a single large stone instead of a trio of smaller stones.