Build Your Own 3 Piece Necklace- Gold

Build Your Own 3 Piece Necklace- Gold


The permission to change is officially yours! Let this interchangeable necklace be your reminder every day that you can set your own path and change directions at any point. At different times in your journey you need to hear different things, and this necklace is designed to carry you through that journey.

Choose the short necklace and long necklace of your choice to clip into the compass centerpiece, and create the 3 piece look that is truly yours and truly unique.

Long necklace:
Short necklace:
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This listing is for a 3 piece set: a choker length necklace of your choice, a 21 inch compass charm necklace base, and a long pendant necklace of your choice.  The choker and the pendant can be clipped in and out of the compass base to wear this necklace in a variety of ways. 

Please view the individual necklace listings for more details and information about each particular necklace, and then return here to make your selection.