"Triangle" Layered Silver and Fuchsia Agate Necklace

"Triangle" Layered Silver and Fuchsia Agate Necklace


The triangle has three sides which represents balance, strength, and the beginning of true wisdom. Without one side of a triangle, the structure will crumble.  

There are many trinities represented by the triangle: Mind, Body, and Spirit; Mother, Father, and Child; Past, Present, and Future; and Love, Truth, and Wisdom, to name a few. Each side of the triangle has meaning, and together they create wonderful harmony.

Think deep within and find three words that you want to focus on, and set an intention on these triangles. Let this necklace be a reminder of your intended focus. Once these words don’t serve you any longer, re-set your intention and find a new set of words to help you live a fulfilled life.  

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 Fuchsia and white agate punctuate the layers of silver plated chain to add a pop of color to this statement necklace. The 3 large agate beads, the 3 layers of chain, and the triangular shape within the flag chain serve as reminders of the message of this piece. 

This necklace is 30 inches in length, and slips easily over the head with no clasp. 

The design of this piece was inspired by the number three, and the symbolism of triangles and trinities. A high quality reproduction of an original work of art, that was created in tandem with this piece of jewelry, is included with your purchase. Display the artwork to remind you of the message that you carry with you as you wear this piece out into the world.