"Pentagon" Jade Colored Adjustable Bracelet

"Pentagon" Jade Colored Adjustable Bracelet


The Pentagon is a symbol of perfection: 5 equal sides, 5 equal angles. The sides represent the 5 senses, the 5 elements (air, wind, earth, water, & fire), and can symbolize health, life, humanity, protection, & home. The perfectly proportioned shape is the physical embodiment of the ever elusive “balance,” that we try to achieve while juggling long and complex lists of roles & values.

But this pentagon is perfectly imperfect.

Each side is a different length, each face of the stone is different from the one next to it. None of these 5-sided shapes are perfectly proportioned, but they are all still pentagons. The balance that you find in life will never seem equal, or look like anyone else’s. But your perfect pentagon is perfect for you.

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The pentagon shaped statement stone on this unique bracelet is jade colored antique glass. Each stone varies slightly in size and coloring, making each bracelet as unique as the woman who wears it. 

The bracelet measures 8 inches end to end, but the large chain links allow you to easily clasp anywhere along the chain to make this bracelet a perfect fit for most wrist sizes. If you feel that a longer chain would be a better fit for your wrist, we would be happy to create one of custom length for you, please just include a note at checkout. 

The design of this piece was inspired by the unique properties of a pentagon. A high quality reproduction of an original work of art, that was created in tandem with this piece of jewelry, is included with your purchase. Display the artwork to remind you of the message that you carry with you as you wear this piece out into the world.