"Joy" Morse Code Sterling Silver Anklet

"Joy" Morse Code Sterling Silver Anklet


Joy is such a beautiful and powerful word, defined as the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune. We need to truly be present in the moments of our life to experience joy. We are so busy planning, going, doing that we forget to stop and experience our lives.  Busy is a choice, stress is a choice, and joy is a choice. Choose JOY!

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”

-William Morris

There is something to be joyous about each and every day if you pay attention. Find joy in the smallest details of your life and you will realize the abundance of joy that you have every day. Then go do more of what brings you that bliss.

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Take the word Joy with you everywhere you go while wearing this anklet. The morse code message for "Joy" is spelled out using yellow glass "dots," red chalcedony "dashes," and silver nugget spacers. 

This sterling silver anklet features an open link chain which makes the anklet adjustable in length, and is available in the lengths of 9 or 10 inches. 

The design of this piece was inspired by the shapes and patterns within morse code. A high quality reproduction of an original work of art, that was created in tandem with this piece of jewelry, is included with your purchase. Display the artwork to remind you of the message that you carry with you as you wear this piece out into the world. 

Since the chain of this anklet is sterling silver, it is normal for it to tarnish over time in between wearings. Use a silver cleaning cloth to restore the finish on your precious metal chain.