"Cube Sphere" Beaded Bracelet Set

"Cube Sphere" Beaded Bracelet Set


The square is often used as a symbol for the earth or the physical world, while the sphere symbolizes the sun or the spiritual world.

The square represents the body, the circle represents the mind. The cube is seen as stable and foundational, while the sphere is often used to represent things that are intangible.

In our lives, these shapes and opposing pairs appear over and over again.

There are things that we can see, and things that we can feel, working together to create our reality. We are both our mind and our body, dependent upon the earth and the sun, made whole by our physicality and our spirituality.

Feel the power of what you see to be true and the magnitude of what you know to be true.

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This three bracelet set features antique glass in a rainbow of colors as well as genuine fuchsia agate and turquoise magnesite strung on sturdy elastic cord so that one size can fit all. The vibrant colors and textures of this bracelet make it a unique summer accessory that will draw compliments all day long.  

The design of this piece was inspired by the contrasting shapes of a sphere and a cube, which appear throughout the bracelet set. A high quality reproduction of an original work of art, that was created in tandem with this piece of jewelry, is included with your purchase. Display the artwork to remind you of the message that you carry with you as you wear this piece out into the world.