"Circle" Beaded Sterling Silver Earring

"Circle" Beaded Sterling Silver Earring


The circle carries many meanings. It represents the power of the female, and is a symbol for a goddess and the sun. So let your inner goddess shine while rocking these beautiful earrings!

Use the shape of the earring to be reminded of the power we have as females. We are united through the common bond of sisterhood, and we must work together to be inclusive in all of the circles that we form in life.

Never forget that just like a circle, you are complete and whole. Yes, we are constantly changing with the cycles of life, but we are always complete. As time passes and seasons come and go, the circle of these hoops can be used as a focus point to remind you that in each moment you are whole.

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Bright, cheerful, and fun, these sterling silver hoop earrings are 1.25 inches in diameter and nickel free. Each earring features 3 genuine Russian Amazonite roundelle beads, along with a collection of facetted yellow and pink glass beads.  

These earrings nicely pull together all of the colors in the Everyday Joy collection, and can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. 

The design of this piece was inspired by the highly symbolic nature of a circle. A high quality reproduction of an original work of art, that was created in tandem with this piece of jewelry, is included with your purchase. Display the artwork to remind you of the message that you carry with you as you wear this piece out into the world.