Love and Gratitude- Golden Rutile Threader Earrings

Threads of golden inclusions fill these crystal clear golden rutile teardrops, catching the light and creating absolute magic in your ears.

Perfect for a special occasion, or as a part of your every day wardrobe, these lightweight earrings are stunning from every angle. You will want to wear these classic earrings every day, as you notice the way that the stones catch the light differently each time that you look at them. Every stone is unique, and each earring pair exhibits a special mix of mineral deposits that give them subtle color variations and charm. No two sets are alike, making each pair even more special.

These earrings were designed alongside the affirmation: Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude

A 3.5x3.5 art card, featuring this affirmation and geometric line art is included with these earrings so that you may always remember the words that are paired with this piece.

Golden rutile are often chosen as gemstones to attract prosperity, good fortune, and abundance. When you wear these earrings, be reminded of the abundance all around you and respond with a deep breath of gratitude.

Where Style Meets Story

Each piece of Champagne on a Wednesday jewelry is accompanied by a 3.5 x 3.5 artwork card. The front of this card will feature original artwork specific to the theme of the collection. The back of each card will contain the full story of the collection or the individual piece. Save these cards and remember their words each time you wear your jewelry, for a dose of inspiration and motivation.