Warrior- Beaded Cuff Bracelet

Warrior- Beaded Cuff Bracelet


Hand wrapped in a pattern that is simultaneously random and thoughtful, the accent beads on this adjustable brass cuff create a beautiful and strong metallic tapestry on your wrist.

The mineral deposits in the quartz centerpiece stones are as varied and unique as the women who will wear them, while the warm and rich tones of the mixed metals of the entire Affirmations Collection are all brought together within this statement piece.

Feel the protective power of the pyrite, and the healing properties of brass and copper, as you wear this cuff and know that you have the strength and determination within you of a true warrior.

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The words that we speak to ourselves become our reality.

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you overcome negative thoughts. When repeated, you can start to rewrite your internal narrative and begin to believe your inherent worth.

This affirmation and piece of jewelry are paired together with intention. Whether you chose these words, or they chose you, know that there is power in them. By wearing this bracelet, you are wearing these words on your body as you speak these truths into your heart.

This adjustable raw brass cuff is one size fits all. The rich coloring of each cuff was achieved through a saltwater treatment, so the coloring of the cuff may vary slightly, and the color may deepen slightly over time depending on environmental conditions. After wearing this cuff for prolonged periods, the brass may interact with the natural oils in your skin (and any soaps, perfumes and lotions that you may be wearing), and transfer a slight discoloration onto the skin. This is not evidence of an allergic reaction, it is perfectly normal for raw brass jewelry. The discoloration washes off of the skin easily with a quick rinse of water.