Awe and Wonder- Smoky Quartz Drop Earring

Awe and Wonder- Smoky Quartz Drop Earring


Brilliant smoky quartz gemstone dangle from antique gold plated chain in these beautiful drop earrings. They are full of movement and life, yet subtle in their charm.

The pop of bright gold wire wrapping mixed with the earthy chain color makes them an easy choice, no matter what other jewelry you are wearing.

The power of the smoky quartz lies in its ability to dissolve negative energy and help you to release what no longer serves you. Choose awe and wonder today, and let these earrings be your reminder of that choice.

Gemstone shape:
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The words that we speak to ourselves become our reality.

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you overcome negative thoughts. When repeated, you can start to rewrite your internal narrative and begin to believe your inherent worth.

This affirmation and piece of jewelry are paired together with intention. Whether you chose these words, or they chose you, know that there is power in them. By wearing these earrings, you are wearing these words on your body as you speak these truths into your heart.

The ear wires are made of gold plated brass in an antique finish. Each earring is 2.75 inches long and will swing freely in the space between the earlobe and the collar bone.